This weekend is the GML2007 at KLCK


The Gathering of Mustangs and Legands is this weekend and today (Thursday) is arrival day, I thought I’d keep an eye on KLCK for some neat arrivials. I’m lucky enough to be working there onSat and Sun. I’ll try to get some video and pictures for everyone.


N314BGPetie 2nd
N351DM Sizzlin’ Liz
N1451D Checkertail Clan


B17 Yankee lady

Alright, I give up right now 2105Z there are several T6’s, BE25’s, and P51’s all scheduled. I’ll never keep up with this. Maybe after my wife goes to sleep I’ll come back to it and update it.

Fun to watch though.


Going over there tomorrow. I’m really lucky to have this going on just a few miles down the road.

A formation of 3 Mustangs just flew by my window a few minutes ago. Came out of the setting sun making that beautiful sound. 8)


One photo from today, about 600 to sort through.

If anyone is going to this show, go early and bring good walking shoes, 'cause it’s a long walk from your car to the show.