This plane – V8-ALI

…is currently parked at LAX, Los Angeles, California

(…I actually went in to the terminal yesterday to ask when it was due to depart, but was politely told they would not reveal that…it has been in LA for a few days now…)

“Track Flight” would indicate it’s elsewhere…

It must have operated into LAX on a different call sign than it’s registration number.

I looked back for 744 arrivals at LAX and didn’t see it coming in.

Is it still there?

It may be using a callsign or it may be using it’s tail number.

Foreign registrations are not included in the US/Canada coverage area by default, but they are in the Australian coverage area by default, which is where we got the flights we have.

71Zulu – …it left two days ago…I never noticed…I would have wanted to get a shot of it departing, but I know of no other way to do that than to hang around and wait, and I can’t do that…

I’m guessing they might take off after dark as well, but that’s just a guess…

It’s been very close to freezing here in LA now for several days…

Thanks for your reply


Just looked at the LAX departures and don’t see it leaving, very frustrating!

Any way they can block these flights?

Allow me to quote myself: Foreign registrations are not included in the US/Canada coverage area by default.

Thanks, got it now.

…I didn’t get it – “…foreign registrations are not included…”…?

…what exactly is a “foreign registration” then…?

…I thought I was tracking “foreign registrations” almost daily here at FlightAware…I guess I wasn’t and am looking forward to some illumination on that point…and thanks in advance…

(…what I do know, is that certain aircrafts request “anonymity” and won’t get tracked…such as John Travolta’s 707 to take a frequent guest at LAX…this plane from Brunei doesn’t want to be tracked…so it isn’t…)


Let’s try rewording this… “Planes registered in foreign countries.”

Does that help? For additional information on how plane registration ids start here: … d_patterns

Understood, but there were several Mexican registered jets that were trackable on FA up until Nov. 2011, now they aren’t showing up. These two have been here in the last week or so and are regulars here. Did they use to be included by default?

…no, jimcander, it didn’t…quite frankly, I don’t know what point you’re trying to make…did something change here at FlightAware at new years…? – doesn’t seem like it…please explain clearly what exactly it is that you are trying to say – and please don’t include wiki links – that didn’t explain anything pertaining to this particular discussion…

…seems I’m still closest to the relevant fact – some airlines or airplane operators request that the routes or locations of their aircraft is not broadcast – and FlightAware complies…the Brunei Boeing 747 is one such aircraft…

…in addition, some regions of the globe are not included in the FlightAware tracking system…

If this is incorrect, I look forward to being corrected…

That link led you to a list of foreign registration prefixes. V8 is, of course, the prefix for Brunei. The aircraft is foreign registered. Foreign registered aircraft are, by default, not included according to Flightaware. Previous inclusions would seem to be exceptions and not the rule.

How’s that?

“…how’s that?”

…not good at all – we’re getting nowhere here – you’re assertion is just not anchored in truth and fact.
I ask of no more clarification from you and I thank you for your effort.

While excluded by default, both foreign registrations and airlines can opt in to be covered, or opt out at any time.

One notable quirk was all VP- (Bermudan) registrations were included until September 2012, and now they’re treated as foreign (and excluded by default).



It’s gone!
It left January 13th at 20:33 (8:33pm) per the Mode-S/ADS-B hit from the aircraft transponder.

…yes I saw it was gone several days ago and thought I posted about it, but I see I did not – so Thanks for that info, mtnbiker2005 – the fact that it did leave long after sunset confirms what I suspected…a secretive operation, avoiding departure in daylight… : )
…and left no chance to capture it even if I did know…

…now I want to find out if and when CargoLux might show up at LAX with 747-8 type planes…(since they do fly here every now and then…)

Well that should be easier, set an alert for a B748 flight plan arriving at LAX or just watch this page.

…Thanks 71Zulu – yeah if “Planespotters” are correct then CargoLux operates a full 8 747-800 planes – with easy to remember registration codes

…well, I tried to set alerts in the past, but they didn’t work and I was told that they might never unless I did it just so…so I gave up and was told not to start a second thread about it…(asking how to do it)…I just check planes individually now and then…