This is weird

I don’t know what it means, but a friend of mine just had me do this.

Go to and click any city. Then hold down shift and type “pbj”

LOL… :laughing: …First question: How the heck did your friend find this? I take it that someone hacked into B6’s site to do this, then told a friend, who told a friend…
But why jetBlue’s website, and why the route map? It’s one of those things that’s just stupid enough to make you (or, more specifically ME) laugh. Thanks for the “heads up” on that one… I think. :wink:

Whatever this was supposed to do, it doesn’t do it now.

Didn’t work for me either… Because I am insanely curious, what happened??

It used to play this video.

I tried last night around 8:00 PM CST and it was just a picture of their cities. I know it used to show the routes when you clicked on the city. Just like Bdude129, I am insanely curious as to what happened…

HAHA :laughing:, PBJ time, a favorite among college students!! Maybe this is redundant to say, but for those that don’t know what this is all about (and care to find out), the original can be seen here
I’m so glad I spend so much money on tuition in order to find intelligent school research such as this! :frowning: :laughing: I can’t believe someone put that on the JetBlue’s web site! Thanks for showing me what it was Newark!

Thats so funny i also saw that on Family Guy.

Haven’t gone to the link yet (at work), but I think I have heard it (if it is what I am thinking of) on the hourly opening to a local sports radio show.