Route Website

Hey everyone i haven’t posted in like a year or two if anyone noticed… I was wondering if there are any websites out there that have new airline routes?? There use to be one that would say the Airline name where the route would be, the aircraft and the date it would start… Exmple… Jetblue Burlington VT-New York JFK A320 Feb 01 2009… But i can’t seem to find that anymore… :smiley:

Where’ve you been? Couldn’t take the heat? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been around just lost touch with the forum… With work and my other life its hard to find the time but now my girlfriend and i have schedules that don’t always work out so during the day i’m free now so i’m prob going to stick around a little while… Just have to make sure i don’t forget to pick her up anymore hahaha

One must keep one’s priorities straight.

yea but it was only a 10min drive so i said it was traffic

You were three hours late and she accepted that excuse? :open_mouth:

Was something deleted? I don’t see where it Nitro saidhe was three hours late.

I didn’t say i was 3 hours late… I was 15 min late and she didn’t mind cuz she got out a little late… So anyone know of a site???

My suggestions is to set up a Google news alert using the keyword “airline.” I will get you more than just new airline routes but perhaps you could modify it by adding “new services” or “new routes”.

Ok thanks i’ll give it a try

Feeble attempt at a joke, let it go.