is it possible to get the flights for the next day or later on in the day???

say burlington airport flights for tomorrow wendsday march 8th 2006. Theres a new jetblue E190 and i want to see it land but i don’t have times if anyone knows of a website for me to get flight info for other days please help me. i really need answers and times to see these flights. Thanks


First of all, please be more informative in your subject heading. Something like “future arrivals at an airport” is much better than “question.” After all, this is a discussion group so many of the postings are questions.

is it possible to get the flights for the next day or later on in the day?

You can get the scheduled departures for the next few hours by clicking on the “more” link located in the “Depatures” box. Clicking on “more” in the “Enroute/Scheduled To” box will show the arrivals for the next few hours.

You can also go to the airport of departure (in your example, it would be JFK) and click on the “more” in the departures box there.

Clicking on the column headings after you have clicked on “more” will sort the items by that field. Click on the arrow shown to reverse the sort.


i did what you told me to do it didnt work its 5:13pm right now and the latest departure flight it gave me was 5:01 its not telling me about anything in the future what sould i do


We post the flights on the scheduled arrivals and scheduled departures boards as soon as we receive them. Some airlines file >12 hours in advance, some file just hours in advance.

You can get a decent idea of when the flight is likely to arrive by looking at the flight’s activity log.


i agree with damiross, be more specific. You posted 6 seperate posts in the general area and 6 in the feature request area and most of them say question or why. Instead of creating a new topic each time you have a question just ask it in the already created topic you made. Also search the forums, you are asking repeated questions, espcially in the feature request one. I feel like you have made the forums clustered in the last days.