They promised to send a kit, but I haven't received


I contacted Flightaware for a free tracking kit. And since there’s poor coverage in Beijing, China, they promised to send me one. But 2 months passed, I still haven’t received my kit. What’s the problem there?

By the way, China has a relative strict control of wireless devices. So do I need to get a registration to use my ADS-B tracking device?


It took a couple of months to receive my kit after the notification, here in Bulgaria. The receiver was listed as “USB internet device” on the customs declaration, and they were very interested to see an antenna in the pack. They were convinced that it was a wireless GSM internet receiver, and I didn’t have the language skills, (or the inclination) to persuade them otherwise. :laughing:


We’re pretty backordered at this point, but migrating to a new version of FlightFeeder that we can produce in much higher volumes, and then we hope to catch up on our backlog over the next few months. Thanks for your support and patience.


I just want to know generally how long does it take to mail to China.


毕竟Flightfeeder 应该是由一班人手工制作的…
另外,以我经验Flightfeeder 应该能够顺利入境中国的…


Hi David!

Does the (new) flightfeeder support a usb wifi dongle? It would be much more easier for me to install it, and for probably a lot of other people…
I asked a quite long cable to connect it with my network, but if you can use a dongle, it would be a lot easier for me and yes, cheaper for flightaware…
And regarding lightning protection it would also be better…??

Waiting for the flightfeeder to be shipped :slight_smile: