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flight aware ASD-B equipment

I am curious to know how long it takes to get a answer from flight aware for requesting free flightaware box transponder or the equipment. I have requested it four times no luck or replies :cry: :imp:

Requests are prioritized based on areas with poorest coverage first. If you are in an area that already has more than one other ADS-B receiver then your request is not considered high priority at this round of distribution. As you can imagine, there are a large number of requests for our free hardware.

I live in South East Bulgaria, right in the middle of a blank space in the coverage map. I received a reply within a fortnight of inquiring about a free box, and received a notice of shipping a fortnight after that. The shipment then took almost two months for UPS to collect, and another week to travel to Europe.

It took a couple of hours to install, and, hopefully is now working properly.

Does that include only active receivers? Digging around the map I’ve noticed coverage shown but when you look at the ID there isn’t any stats for them.

You’re located near Baton Rouge? As I said, we’re currently prioritizing to locations that don’t have any coverage, which is mostly locations outside of the US at this time.

Sounds good and thanks for he clarification.

I’m right near KBLV/Scott AFB and there isn’t a tracker within hundreds of miles. I’m surprised no one is out this way. A big hole in coverage seeing as flights pass over this area frequently.

In general, we are trying to first pick areas outside of our primary coverage areas (the US/Canada/Australia, where we have full radar coverage), for free ADS-B hardware so that we can improve reception where we have no other source of flight data. We also pick users that are located near the edges of our other existing participating users. Once we’ve completed deploying receivers to those empty areas we’ll go back and start sending to areas that already have partial coverage.

Yes, I was feeding for a bit with a raspberry pi and a PC but the kids kept shutting down the computer.

Do you think I will receive a reply :question:
I am in West Africa .(Benin)
The nearest airport is DBBB.
Thank you :smiley:

No worries. I just had seen that you guys needed coverage for KSTL (30mi) on your list.

I’ll keep an eye out for an email in the future.

We’re pretty backed up, but ramping up production of FlightFeeders in the next few weeks and hoping to clear through the backlog over the next few months.

We’re an international aerospace company that wanted to purchase the equipment for branchsites and you still wouldn’t give us the time of day, you won’t even return phone calls, emails etc. We’ve been trying for 12 months.

Please take our money!

I found your request & we can deliver in October. Will followup separately.

Apologies for the delay…we’ve received thousands and only have one to two people sorting through them; since we’re so backordered on hardware it hasn’t made sense to prioritize responding.

I understand the need to prioritise and heavy workloads but maybe setup an autoresponder or a page with current stock status? Either way, looking forward to mounting these in our towers! :smiley: