The Original Fly Girls!! The WASPs!!

Were I born to this generation, I would have done my best to be flying with the girls, doing my patriotic duty! Some gave all, and now they are getting the recognition the deserve!

A Douglass Daughtless!! Never heard of one! WOW!!

You go BABES!!! Thank You For Your Service!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

just saw a story about a couple of local WASPs in the area. … honor.html

towing a target thats going to be shot at? takes guts!

I heard that this morning on Morning Edition too. And it’s about bloody time for them!

On a related note, the local newspaper ran an article about one of the 3 surviving WASP members, who doesn’t live that far from me. She should be in Washington for the ceremony, but I’d love to get some sit down time with her and get some stories!

EDIT: My bad… there are two of them.


I believe they meant Douglas Dauntless :slight_smile:

I bet they were a fun group. 8)

And in their prime, highly attractive. And quite honest, rather beautiful women in their age. A lovely set of women I would love to spend time with.


Especially at FL300?


You tell me! Here is a small list of WASP pilots and their bios. Wonderful stories, the whole lot of them, but to be quite honest, I find Marie Marsh, Adeline Ellison, and Deanie Parrish quite attractive. :wink:


Well tyketto. You can hang out with them older women; I’ll go up the these:

But that’s the problem. They’re cute, but they can’t GET you up to FL300! :wink:

(well, they could get you up to FL300, but they couldn’t fly you up to FL300.)


I don’t know if you were understanding me though. If I were alive back in their prime, I’d find the ones I mentioned rather attractive. It’s like Julie Newmar in her prime (around the time of the original Batman series). Very attractive.


I know what you meant…

Just having a little fun. :smiley:

no problem. now… go on and tear that jailbait up! :stuck_out_tongue:


Julie Newmar, now and then! (75 and 22)

I’d still hit it.

It’s not every day you see a 75 yr old woman wearing a see-through dress on the red carpet.


You must not get to NYC very often I guess. :open_mouth:


Good guess - never been. And if there’s lots of 75 yr olds in see thru negligee’s wandering around, don’t know if I want to go either! :laughing:


All the more proof that she’s still got it, and no plastic surgery to boot! Her legs put Mariah Carey and her insurance policy on her legs to shame. Just some of the pictures at her website tell the tale.

I could go on for a while on Newmar, but back on topic… Seeing how she was 50 years ago, and that the WASP pilots were roughly on the high end of that generation, if I lived back then, they’d be lookers, for sure.

Ahh, to hell with it. The WASP ladies are wonderful… but I’ll take Newmar! :wink:


I wouldn’t bet my left nut on that.