The last US 737


She flew yesterday. Here was the last leg: … /KPHL/KCLT


Would this be from post AWE/USA merger? I would assume so, because with the AAL/AWE merger coming in, they’ll have the -800s still in the fleet, but shouldn’t fly under the AWE designator and callsign.



My apologies… should be titled “The last US Classic 737”


Makes it even more interesting. I wonder who owned the metal, as this would have been in the fleet before the AWE-AAL merger, and both AWE and USA had the -400s in their fleet.



Tail number was N435US. Was original to US in 1990


America West never had -400’s. They only had -100’s, -200’s and -300’s and by the time of the merger I believe they only had -300’s.