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The future of the 747

The future of the 747 is a very popular topic. The truth is that Boeing will end production in 2022. However, this does not mean that the 747 will not stop flying flights all across the world. While there will be a few passenger flights still flying, there will be many cargo operations of the 747. There are many cargo airlines that are buying old 747’s from other airlines and using them to fly cargo across the world. I just wanted to inform everyone of my opinion about the 747 and its future.

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That’s to be expected. None of the airlines will stop the usage just because the production stopped.

That is not different to the other aircraft flying around.
Look at the Boeing 757 which is not produced any longer since 2004, some are still operational. Or the famous MD11 where the last aircraft left the manufacturing site more than 20 years ago.

As long as there is not really an alternative and the maintenance can be covered, the 747 will fly very long, at least in cargo business.

That is very true, but pretty soon we’ll be seeing the 777X Freighter and the A350 freighter, already ordered by Singapore Airlines and Air France, and a few more carriers.

The 777-9F has airlines interested in it, such as Qatar Airways. :roll_eyes:
Singapore airlines bought the A350F to replace the 744F that they have, and I think some other airlines will make that move. I think the 747-400F will stay with a few airlines, but the -8F will stay a while. they’re too new!

We’re moving to a cleaner world. Pretty soon the 777X will take the 747’s crown. :frowning:

Replacing the 747 fleet completely will take decades…
A “cleaner world” is not the top priority in aircraft business. It comes together with new technologies, but not a direct 1:1 replacement

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It’s an iconic aircraft, so glad I had the pleasure of flying business class on one (free upgrade).