Last 747-400 to be built


After a production run of more than 450 planes, The Boeing Co. has built its final 747-400 passenger jet.

The last four planes still on the company’s order books have been removed in a hush-hush deal that saw Philippine Airlines switch its order to the 777.


Although Boeing will not build any more 747-400 passenger planes, it’s hardly the end of the line for the 747.

Already in development is the bigger and more efficient 747-8 freighter and a passenger version, the 747-8 Intercontinental. Boeing has 84 firm orders for the 747-8, including 20 Intercontinentals ordered by Lufthansa.

The freighter will enter service in 2009, followed by the Intercontinental in 2010.

And even before Boeing begins building the 747-8, it still has 36 other 747-400 freighter orders to fill.


I’m rather confused by this. The last 747 to roll out was a 400F for Nippon Cargo. According to my Boeing paperwork here, there are no pax 747s imminent - it’s showing 3 for Jade, 1 for UPS, 1 for TNT, 1 for CLX and 1 for CAL, all freighters.

Perhaps you can explain better what you mean? :confused:


They’re not building anymore -400s, but other varients, ie.-800, are in the works and apparently already ordered by some airlines.


I saw the green Dreamlifter yesterday and a lot of 737’s on the delivery line.


The article explains everything. I clearly said this is the EOL for the 747-400.


Looking at Boeing’s page and reading the headline, it’s the end of the 747 passenger version, not the cargo version.


Clearly stated in the second message above…


I should have been more clear. I was responding to liembo who said it was the end of the line for the 747-400. That is incorrect because it’s the end of the line for the **passenger **version of the 747.