Testing your system gain settings



There are a number of posts under different topics, showing people’s testing of their system’s gain settings, but I can’t find a specific, simple point by point, idiot proof description of setting such testing up. I admit it, whilst taking leaps and bounds with linux, this gain setting has me stumped but an important tool to find that perfect setting. Please if someone can post a descriptive method to setup, using the most accepted script/s and run gain setting, to assist you at what level you need to set your installation. I am using the adsb receiver ver 2.4 set ups by Joe, picking the reliable mutability method as oppose to his FA version. I have asked this question elsewhere but with the number of topics referring to gain settings, I think it may be getting lost in the adsb ether.



This is the main post.
Look at the latter sections for up to date scripts.