Tclx Package NOT

Flight Aware Piaware Install but stopped with package Tclx not found. Unable to complete or get on air with a prospective 24/7 RaspberryPi. Used Midori 3 times. Any one? Just me affected or ?


How did you install piaware?

Piaware installed using command console and followed steps for previous dump1090 install. (previous PlanePlotter)

The Tclx is fixed at least it doesn’t come up going through the “Easy Piaware install”.

Dir shows piaware 2.1-5 armhf.deb But, Ppup boots. I want piaware to boot. It appears not possible to use Dump1090 used with PP and utilize the “easy steps” that you (FA) provide?

PP seems sticky… can’t get rid of it!

hiflyer7 TIA Must I wipe the micro sd on the Raspberry Rpi and start over?

Edit: It is all resolved. 4 th try and it all works. One more Rpi on 24/7.