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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

You have probably updated.
If a change of mine messes with the script for saving the history the update will restart the service.
The history is saved in memory, the run directory for that service.
So restarting the service deletes that data.
I usually try to avoid that, but wanted to change some stuff.
So most updates won’t behave like this.
You could also update only manually and not every night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yup, sure have.

That’ll be it, thanks.

You know me too well :smiley: I like to be up to date.

Apart from verifying range with ?pTracks, some interesting KATL Arr/Dep traffic on the three runways and also KPDK on the NE of Atlanta.

I am still impressed about the update and that we can now see what’s really going on in the air:

And the other heatmaps…?

The crontab entry for these runs at 23:20, I run an update of tar1090 after that so the heatmaps were created before the update.

This is what I’ve seen since the update - The tropo has been decent today but not as good as yesterday.

It has been fun messing with this feature to say the least. I did a 72 hour run for my own amusement (filtered to 40k feet):

I find it amazing how closely the tracks color the heywhatsthat boundaries. Pretty cool stuff!


Hi, I am using Tar1090 for some time now. Since yesterday it looks like that I have an issue. After a while I have more than 3-4 times the amount of planes showing in tar1090 compared to dump1090. Dump1090 and graph1090 seem to show the correct amount of planes. I already removed and reinstalled tar1090 but this did not change? It looks like airplanes that leave the range of my receiver are not removed. At this moment I have 683 in tar1090 and 178 in dump1090-fa.
Any clue what can be wrong?

Toggle “P” - persistence mode.

Thanks. As simple as that. Stupid that I overlooked this.

I appreciate that you aren’t blaming the horrible UI design :slight_smile:

Anyhow once you’ve used the feature you recognize what is going on.

I think the UI serves it’s purpose, but I did recently disable the buttons in config.js on both my stations. Much cleaner look and it also removes that occasional accidental persistent mouse hover pop-up at the top. I noticed the keyboard shortcuts still work, so I still have my “P” when I need it.