T-38 Talon @ O'Hare

Good evening,

While driving about 3 miles east of O’Hare today we noticed two small planes flying very close together on approach to R28; we pulled over, whipped out our binocs and saw that they were T-38’s or maybe two-seat F-5’s. Sadly, we did not have our camera with us, but I can tell you that they were painted in a sort of desert camo.

After coming home we looked for them on the arrivals but found nothing. We are at a loss as to why this planes would fly to O’Hare (although we were thrilled to see the approach) and why they would land so close together (to use only one slot maybe?)

Any enlightenment will be appreciated!

NASA has a group of them for transportation…and the Air Force has a bunch in circulation…maybe someone was flying in to visit Boeing headquarters.

Since they are desert camo painted more than likely they were F-5C ,the military uses them as adversary aircraft for A/A combat training,they may also be in from another country there is some training out west at Nellis this week or may have just been stopping to avoid weather at their destinatio,or even just a quick fuel stop"GAS N GO",as for T-38s,could be T-38A or T/AT-38C.

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I live in Toronto, we just had two T-38’s up here for the air show.
Tail numbers were 65452 and 67855 both with ‘CB’ on the tail. Both
aircraft were out of Columbus AFB, Mississippi .

If you ever see US military aircraft, read the two letter code on the tail,
Click Here and enter the code. It will tell you where the aircraft are from.

the navy has aggressor squadron at fallon nevada. they are f-5’s. they sometime go tdy to east coast. where they refuel obviously depends on route. the air force trainers are t38’s and it is possible that they could have been from mississippi, or whicita falls texas, or other training bases. if any one can get the two letter tailcode of of the tail, you can indentify which base it came from.

This website came from one of the forums here, just can’t remember where. I also can’t remember who to give credit for finding it. Sorry…


The Navy also has a squadron of F-5s at NAS Key West. In addition, the Marines have a squadron of F-5s at MCAS Yuma. Both squadrons aircraft are painted in a desert brown paint scheme, with perhaps a couple in a blue Russian type of aggressor scheme.

Columbus T-38’s aren’t painted in desert camo. The only desert camo paint I’ve seeon on a T-38/F-5 was a navy bird from Fallon.

They change colors on them everyday,i see them all the time white,white/green and gray.

Not saying this was the pair in question, but the Thornton Corp. has civilian T-38s used for movies and various other purposes: thorntonaircraft.com/body/bo … _name=tele

Columbus T-38’s aren’t white. They were maybe 15 years ago.
Here are the 2 current AETC paint schemes:


Nasa T-38s ARE white and I’ve seen quite a few at KHSV. This is probably what you’ve been seeing.

I’m at KFSM and we see T-38s everyday becasue we sit between Colombus AFB, Vance AFB, and Randolph AFB and probably back in 2006/07 Colombus operated brown and tan T-38’s but re-painted them in the new scheme. Also, several other bases operate T-38s such as Whiteman with their all grey, Beale with their black and red, Holloman with their black and white, also black and tan T-38’s. T-38’s get re-painted all the time so you never know…

I’m pretty familiar with the paint scheme… I flew out of Columbus from 2003-2008 and now fly out of Beale…

What do you fly?

T-38A and U-2S

What did you fly before those?

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What did you fly before those?

I was an instructor in the T-1 aka BE-40

Is that you Huggyu2…from another forum?

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