KRVS Activity


Five AT-6s and, of all things, a T-38 Talon just boomed off the twin runways at KRVS in formation.

The AT-6 kept close to the Talon as they climbed out, but I doubt he’d be able to keep position if the Talon went trans-sonic. :wink:

Certainly drew that attention of all the golfers as they overflew the fairways of South Lakes!

Gonna’ try to get some photos.




Those would be the boys out playing with their big boy toys. Are you sure it was a Talon? I know there is an L-39 out there. I think they were on their way to Ponca City for the pancake breakfeast fly-in that happens almost every Saturday.

There is also a B-25 in the Tulsa Tech Hangar, a Mustang, two Chipmunks, and a Corsair sitting at RVS.


Yep, you’re right, it’s an L-39 Albatros.

Walked over and wound up getting a tour of the TT facilty. Quite a nice operation, especially with the connection to TCC and OSU at the flight center. Has one of the few hyperbaric chambers in the state apparently.

Contents of the hangars were of particular interest to me. Where can I find a crew to hijack that 25 to:

Corsair was on ground display but I didn’t see it flying earlier. CAP sponsored fly-in today with static display. Very nice USAF liveried Trojan on display, along with a YAK/Nanchang a YAK 11 and several Texans.

Maybe 10 people walking around in the period of time I was there, very sad. Don’t know if this was an advertised event or not, but there certainly wasn’t any easy way to get to the aircraft, nor any signs with directions.




Typically it isn’t advertised, as sad as that is. I knew about it (friend owns Roadhouse Aviation @ RVS) and he tells me when things like this happen. Sadly, today was the dreaded eye exam so I couldn’t make it out there. If you were out there around 2:15 or so, my FIL just landed coming back from 2V1. He has the Mustang two hagars down, an brand freaking new PC-12 across from him, and two of the T-6 a couple hangars down the other way. One guy out there is taking the body of a wadded up Aerostar and either totally restoring it, or he is making it a single engine turboprop. His progress over the past year is pretty amazing since he is doing all the restoration work himself.


Could have been hardesty in his F-5 from TUL


haha the “Aerostar” project. I’ll try to find some photos of this.