Sync'ing with other receivers and VRS/ADSBScope interaction


I’ve been having problems with low plane and position counts for some time. I also have problems with MLAT sync’ing, where one moment I’m sync’ed to 70 receivers and a few minutes later zero.

I’m noticing something, that I thought was a coincidence at first, but it keeps hapening. The MLAT sync’ing problem seems to happen more often when either VRS or ADSBScope is running, checking the Pi over the Wi-Fi. Once I close VRS or ADSBScope, sync’ing happens quickly, and stays in sync longer.

Is there something to this, or is it just a case of ‘serial coincidences’?

Thanks for your input.


Possible cause WiFi choking. Connect a network cable, turn off WiFi (sudo piaware-config rfkill) and observe.


I think you are right. The Pi or Pies, as I installed another one yesterday, are in the garage.

I installed Dump1090 1.15dev following your excellent instructions, and FR24feed on the second Pi. I see sometimes, briefly, the message on the Dump1090 map indicating that it cannot retrieve the data.