Swiss International Considering B777, A350 And Now B748

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The article listed above states that Swiss International Airlines is taking a look at the Boeing 747-8I as a potential replacement for its fleet of Airbus A340-300s. They would be following the footsteps of their parent company Lufthansa, the launch customer of the B748I. But before they decided upon the B748, they were also taking a look at the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350.

In my opinion, I think the Boeing 777 would be fit Swiss, unsure whether they’d order the Boeing 777-200LR or -300ER. They would be adding 100-150 more passengers on their flights. The Airbus A350 wouldn’t make a difference or be able to fit more passengers as the Boeing 777 would, but it would range further. The Boeing 747-8I wouldn’t be a good idea to me, but it would certainly be a better choice than the Airbus A380.

Also, if they were to look at the Boeing 787, they would be fitting 50-100 passengers, which would be a decent amount but not as much as the Boeing 777. But sadly, they aren’t interested.

My question is which of these three would be fit for Swiss International? If they were to order the Boeing 777 or Airbus A350, which variant would they choose? And last why didn’t Swiss ever consider the Boeing 787 before?


777 is clearly the pick if they want is now. A350 only becomes an option if they can wait 5-8 years to start receiving them. 748 is too big.

B789 would be the best option for them, IMO. Straight A343 replacement with way better economics. Delivery takes a while, but sooner than A350.


I agree with you and mduell that B777 is would be the best choice at this time. Although it would be cool to see the B748 with Swiss, it would not be practical because the 748 is not made for the routes Swiss uses the A340 on, it is simply to big. The B772/LR would be best for Swiss, IMHO, as it is efficient and would probably more profitable than a B773.


Swiss doesn’t really need the LR. Their longest routes are ZRH-GRU and ZRH-LAX which are well within range of the 777-200ER,


The 77L is cheaper to operate than the 77E once the stage length is past a couple thousand miles, and provides more uplift for revenue opportunity.


I think that Delta and Air India (airlines that have operated both) disagree with that as both have either kept the LR to routes where it is absolutely necessary (DL) and tried to get rid of theirs (AI).

LR and ER have the same seating capacity and an ER wouldn’t be weight restricted on a 5900 mile flight like Swiss’ longest are (especially with Swiss’ fairly premium-heavy configurations), so there’s no real revenue advantage for the LR over the ER for them either.


I don’t think AI is the best example of prudent fleet, or airline, management. PIA also operates both but has the same caveat.

Emirates also operates both, including the LR on sectors the ER could cover.