swa at DEN

we are flyin to SJC via DEN next month. Have never flown into DEN so is it easy to fly into and out of? I see that all the SWA gates are near each other in concourse C. We have one hour to get to our next depart gate. I have never had any probs on a SW flt and they were usually on time. Flyin out of LAX (for the first time also) on SW too. Will go to MCI via one stop (ABQ) but I think I dont even have to get off the jet (FLT 508) on that leg. Also…what do you guys say…check the bags OR carry them aboard? thanks. :smiley:

KDEN is really easy, especially when you’re staying in the same concourse.

Carry on if you can; no one wants to wait for baggage claim.

I’m willing to bet it’s 1000 times better than MCI.

well I figured it would be ok since all the SW gates are close together but since we recently missed a connection we are a bit…nervous. We KC folks are rather proud of our MCI and its unique terminal configuration…no long walks here! To some this is “flyover country” but to us its home sweet home.

I don’t disagree it is a unique terminal config. It feels like a very small rotisserie oven inside. There must be a reason other airports have not copied the design.

MCI doesn’t really lend itself to being a hub airport because of it’s unique configuration. If someone can confirm or deny that I’d appreciate it. I know Eastern tried to make a hub out of MCI but it didn’t work out too well.

Is it true that security is located at every gate or every couple of gates at MCI?

Yes. You get herded into a small gate area without concessions and only a small restroom and you cannot leave. They’re giant round glassed buildings so its like being trapped in a greenhouse. To top it off MCI is really located somewhere in Nebraska, about as far from downtown KC as you can get.

well boys and girls there are critics of every airport in the world. Some dont like DEN for example, or ORD. MCI…stands for “mid continent international” because that was the idea back in the 1950s when this airport was dreamed up. It is, however, refered to as Kansas City International…or KCI by most. It IS about 15 miles NW of downtown. The folks who dreamed this up wanted LOTS Of room to expand, and NO homes nearby to cause problems later. Also…land up there was cheap. We have since put in a second NS runway. NO…MCI isnt a HUB. I dont like hubs anyway. Airfares out of MCI are rather low because of this, as opposed to say MSP. IT IS true that once cleared into security you are herded into the rather small waiting area that does not have restrooms or food. You therefor do those things first.
I think all that security is a royal pain in the ass, but we have the 911 terrorists to thank for that, eh?

Now you’ve really stepped in it! :smiling_imp:

big deal. we have alot of that around here…are used to it. cant have nice steaks without it. makes a good fuel once its dry too.

You do have nice steaks there. 8)

well its US Airs policy to allow gps and other devices above 10000ft. I had mine in “road” mode I wonder if I shoulda had it in “offroad” mode but anyhow it showed (as you will see) a nice topo pic of us flying along near Cookeville TN at 617MPH. Since I dont have the mental ability to attach that pic, please go to flickr.com and search for cookeville and gps and you will find my pic under my username…pappajhn. I am flying to SJC in a month via SWA and look forward to using my Garmin 205W for the first time on Southwest Airlines both outbound and on the return trip which will be LAS-ABQ_MCI. Anyone had any recentl gps experience while flying on Southwest? According to their inflight magazine…they currently allow it.

Southwest allowed GPS receivers then disallowed them and now allows them.


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thank you I in fact did look at your quote and now know the deal…those img} deals go on either end of the photo url I see. I will try it again soon. I guess were all just phoaks really (People Helping One Another Know Stuff), eh?

thank you I in fact did look at your quote and now know the deal…those

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