Hello all. I am traveling friday from BNA-MIA-TGU. I was wondering, would one have to change terminals if we are flying AA all the way? And is there a good aa club nearby? thanks and this will actually be my first time flying aa since they had a hub at BNA!


Uh oh. ipod, you did it again! You used the word “hub” incorrectly. Dave is going to be all over you for that one. :smiling_imp:

As far as changing terminals, it has been a LONG time and the rules have changed, but if you count (such as being at DFW) going from B to C as changing terminals (which technically is correct, but I consider it changing buildings. I consider changing terminals as going to a specialty area, such as the American Eagle Terminal at LAX, or an actual “International” terminal where you, in a way, have to go outside, then through a “watered down” version of security to go into said “international” terminal) then yes and no. You can have international gates (ie, DFW which has a walled off room for international departures) in the same terminal as domestic.

Does that make any sense, because I just made myself go cross-eyed.


Look up your flight details at to see which gates are generally used for your flight (you can check yesterday/today/tomorrow) then find the gates on the MIA airport map.


Actually, AAL use to have a hub at BNA so ipod, don’t worry, I no get mad. :smiley:


Also unless they have changed it when it comes to AA at MIA you can move between every terminal without have to go back into security, except if you need terminal E satellite. You will need to do it again if they have you at one of those gates in E.

As mduell said check and see what gates are normally used. If you do have to go between terminals bring your walking shoes. Maybe even a walking stick and a GPS :smiley: It can take a while to get between terminals using the corridors.


American recently opened a very nice Admirals Club at MIA. The downside is, last time I was there they were in the middle of reworking some terminals for American. It was a looooong hike (seriously about 25 minutes at a decent pace) for me to change gates. No going through security again, but a long way. Did I mention the Admirals Club is quite nice there?