What planes use what gates at IAD

I am flying into IAD from CVG on a Embraer RJ145 and leaving IAD for Newark on a Airbus A320 my connection time is short 46 min. My question is will there be terminal change involved or just gate?

The Short connection time is not my choosing United canceled original itinerary and put me on Flight UA 1911

Are you changing airlines?

I left that out didn’t I thank you for being polite. No I’m not I will be staying with United.

You haven’t provided enough details such as date and flight numbers. A cursory look at you route shows several non-stop flights between CVG and EWR throughout the day…

Travel date 25 June flights UA4257 CVG-IAD lands @ 1150. UA1911 IAD-EWR Depart 1236
I double checked my flight numbers the one for CVG TO IAD ———4257 reads Corpus Christi Tx to Houston today

My experience when flying is that a particular airline’s gates at a particular airport are near each other in the same terminal. The gate for your departure flight will be posted and if you need assistance you can talk to the person at United’s counter at their terminal.

The only time I had to travel around at an airport was when I had to change from the United domestic flights’ terminal to the Cathay Pacific international terminal at LAX, and a free shuttle bus service was provided. Of course I had no idea which shuttle I needed so I just boarded the next one that came and hoped it was the right one. It took me right to where I needed to go. Yours are both domestic flights with the same airline so you won’t have any such issue.