SWA 1924 Whiteknuckle Final Approach

Looks like this one will pass to the west of major supercell south of TUL.

My favorite approaches, I wish I was on that plane. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing… not! :laughing:

We’re due into TUL next Wednesday night and I will have the world’s worst white-knuckle flier with me, my wife.

I still have her nail prints in my leg from a flight we took in IMC in a Beech 99 from BWI to ORF, thirty years ago!



It wasn’t nearly as bad as they made it out to be. There was a “tornadic” cell literally right over my house. Other than hella wind and a litlle hail, I was outside enjoying it, freaking out my parents in CA on my cell phone with the tornado sirens going off in the background. From what I understand from a friend who works TUL APP, they just kinda had some of the incoming flights slow down to a crawl. They didn’t really have to put anyone in a holding pattern. The storms were mainly affecting RVS. I get to go check my FIL hangar today to make sure there was no damage. FUN FUN!!