SUSPICIOUS activity on Airtran 297


What happened on Airtran 297 on Sep 18th? ATL>HOUSTON

Anybody? I got an E that says the flt was cnx due to suspicious muslims onboard. Fact or Fiction?


I say it looks like fiction. As is often said here, “Google is your friend.” I tried Googling “Airtran 297 Sept 18”, and the first two pages that popped up were
(a) the FlightAware track for that flight on that day, which showed no re-routing or delays.
(b) a Snopes article (urban legends site) describing an incident on Airtran 297 from Nov 17, 2009. That turned out to be a big cluster of misunderstandings, including the fact that the famous “first hand account” turned out to be written by someone who wasn’t on the flight.

So on FA I can’t see any indication of trouble with that flight on Sept 18, 2010. It’s basically impossible to reconcile the unblemished FA flight track and time with that story; it’d pretty much have to be a different date or a different flight.

Also I found one close match to your description, which is suggestive but not airtight – occurring on a different date almost a year ago. That incident sounds like a big fuss over not very much. Perhaps that story did a few hundred laps on the internet before reaching you.