Flt 184 diverted


Waiting for usair flt #184 from FLL to PHX. Does anybody know why it is going back to FLL ?


Here’s the transcript from the cockpit voice recorder: “Hey, I need to turn back. I think I forgot to turn off the coffee maker at home.”


I say someone forgot to let the cat in or out. Perhaps left the garage door open.

In all seriousness it could be a multitude of things and one may never know unless you happen to know some one intimately familiar with the airline or the flight. Troll avherald.com for a while and something may pop up.


Don’t know but an interesting track:
flightaware.com/live/flight/AWE … /KFLL/KPHX

Maybe a minor equipment problem requiring a return after burning off some fuel.
Or maybe they took a look at all that weather in front of them and chickened out :slight_smile:


Oh man. Just had a chance to look at the track. Lightening strike anyone?