super bowl flights


What type of planes will arrive at KIND or Indianapolis :question:


I’m going out on a limb here. I say the type of planes will have two pairs of things sticking out of the fuselage. One pair will be in the middle of the aircraft and the other pair at the back. Speaking of the back: there will be a tall doohickey sticking up between the two things sticking out of the back of the plane.

Going even further out on the limb, there’s going to be at least two noise generators on the things sticking out of the middle of the fuselage. Heck, there may even be some that have the noise generators at the back of the plane.

Approaching the end of the limb, I say there will be writing on the planes, probably above a row of shiny things.


“Oh, it’s a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it looks like a big Tylenol.”


And your crew is very, very, very nice

                                                         NOT THIS ONE :smiling_imp:  :laughing: 


If you’re talking about increased commercial flights, the big day is the day after. I’ll post some schedules for key routes that are seeing increased flights:

IND-DTW: 2x757, 3x320, 2xM88, 1xE75
IND-ATL: 2x753, 6x757, 1x320
IND-LAX: 1x763 (not a normal route they fly)
IND-MSP: 1x738, 1x320, 1xM90, 1xCR9, 1xD95, 1xCRJ
IND-LGA: 2x763, 4x753, 1x757, 1xE70
IND-BOS: 2x763, 2xE170 (not a route they normally fly)
IND-JFK: 1x752

IND-BOS: 1x752 (not a route they normally fly)
IND-ORD: 3x738, 5xE70, 1xCR7, 2xE145
IND-IAH: 2x738, 5xE145
IND-IAD: 3xE70, 1xCR7
IND-EWR: 1x752, 2x739, 4x738, 1xE70, 3xE145
IND-SFO: 1x739 (not a route they normally fly)

IND-LGA: 1xM80
IND-DFW: 6xM80 (normally 4x)

US Airways:
IND-BOS: 4x321 (not a route they normally fly)
IND-PHL: 1xA320, 1xA319, 1xA321, 1xE170, 1xCRJ
IND-PHX: 1xA321, 2xA320
IND-CLT: 5xA321, 2xA319


Southwest is operating a flight from PVD to IND on 3 Feb, with the return on 6 Feb.


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