Sudan Airways A310 runs off runway, breaks up, burns . . . Sudan Airways flight SD109 Airbus A310 Damascus via Amman to Khartoum Sudan. Aircraft encountered severe weather and flew to its alternate, Port Sudan, again encountering severe weather. Aircraft returned to Khartoum and ran off runway, breaking up on rough ground.


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Landing accident reported as carrying 203 passenger plus crew of 14 - weather at the time;

Hsss/krt Khartoum
Sa 101930 13009kt 9/9l Few050 Cb To All D Sct056 Q1009=
Sa 101900 14007kt 9/9 Few050 Cb Ts Toe Sct056 30/19 Q1010 No Sig=
Sa 101830 15010kt 9/9 Few050 Cb Ts To E Sct056 Q1010=
Sa 101700 27002kt 9/9 Ts Ra Ovst Few050 Sct056 Bkn140 26/26 Q1013
No Sig=
Sa 101430 12013kt 3000 M Ts/ra Few050cb Sct056 Bkn140 Q1011 No
Sa 101230 27011kt 8000m Q1007=
Sa 101100 22014kt 8000 41/17 Q1008 Nosig =
Sa 101030 24013kt 8000 Q1009=
Ft 101818 24008g18kt 9999 Sct040 Bkn140
Tempo 1822 6000 Tsra Few045cb =
Fc 101803 24008g18kt 9999 Sct040 Bkn140
Tempo 1822 6000 Tsra Fwe045cb=

Conflicting story from Reuters HERE.

it landed safely at Khartoum airport and they talked to the control tower which told them where to taxi. At this moment an explosion happened," airport director Yusuf Ibrahim told Sudanese television.

Aviation Herald Update

Definitely mixed reports, it seems aircraft over-ran runway, between 2-3 minutes after the aircraft stopped, flames broke out in starboard engine. If so, I’d imagine a majority of the passengers and crew would have made it out.

Another example of get out of the aircraft ASAP.

Man robbreid, you’re giving us to much bad news, how bout some good news!

So, has there been a consensus on what happended?

Seems every news source is still offering conflicting info.

On a positive note; we had the BA B777 at Heathrow on January 17 with 152 people on board with zero fatalities - amazing airmanship.

On February 1 the LAB B727 that crashed landed into the jungle after running out of fuel in Bolivia with 159 people on board and no fatalities.

The Kalitta B747 which could have been horrific, followed by the TACA Airbus that unfortunately killed the Captain and two passengers, and two on the ground, with fire and explosions, 121 crew and passengers survived.

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Surviving passengers reported, that the right hand engine caught fire shortly after touch down on runway 36, which quickly spread over the entire airplane. One surviving passenger said, that the fire broke out about 2-3 minutes after landing. Witnesses on the ground, e.g. waiting in an airplane of EgyptAir for departure, reported to see the right hand engine on fire first, too, before the entire airplane got engulfed in flames.

From some reports, this sounds reminiscent of the Air China incident back in August of last year. I was going to suggest some sort of connection, but they’re differing aircraft makes. … id=1142977

Is this the aircraft? I think I watched footage that had the plain yellow tail…who had it before them? Poor engine mx perhaps? It will be interesting to see what becomes of this investigation, there are members of Airbus helping the Sudan Transportation Ministry with the investigation…makes sense.

If this is the aircraft, here’s its history:

Model: A310-324
CN: 548
First flight: 08/23/90 Test Registration: F-WWCV
delivered to Singapore as 9V-STU 10/22/90
leased by Air India as VT-EVF 3/10/01
registered to OALL 5/1/02
registered to Sudan as ST-ATN 9/14/07
registered a boo-boo on 6/10/08

Note: On and, there is a note above that picture that says “URL (link) to this photo”. The link is much shorter than that shown in the address bar. In this case, the link is … 1346444/M/ (much shorter, eh?)

I just went on the Sudan Airways website, and there is not 1 mention of the incident anywhere on their site…interesting.

Just confirming that ST-ATN is the aircraft involved. Last reports, were!, it over-ran the runway in a thunderstorm, hitting navigation equipment. Fire erupted at or near engine, passengers escaped via chutes as the aircraft was consumed by fire. Fourteen people are still listed as missing?

I heard on one news report “Many people just walked away from the scene not clearing customs to enter the country”.

Latest on this crash. Loss of life 30. Passengers okay 168. Surviving crew 10. Unaccounted and believed to have left the scene 6.

Aircraft landed on 3000 metre runway 36, airport staff report aircraft touched down midway on the runway. Aircraft over-ran the runway hitting navigation equipment. (Lighting). Aircraft was already stopped for 2 minutes before fire in starboard engine was spotted by an EgyptAir Flight.

According to NOTAM A088/08 issued by Khartoum Airport Authority on Apr 26th 2008 the airport has no secondary surveillance radar (SSR) until July 31st 2008. NOTAM A089/08, also issued Apr 26th 2008 and also valid until July 31st 2008 reports the ILS 18/36 uncalibrated. Following the accident NOTAM A0127/08 created on June 12th reports the ILS’s LLZ (localizer transmitter) unserviceable until June 15th.

Note; Tail has already been moved.

Remove the tail so the pax waiting for their flights actually get on the aircraft to go. :wink:

Well one less A310 in the world…prayers to the families. Sad no matter where in the world.

Also for the TA crash in TGU.

I have to say I really like this site!! I went into the airliners forum, they had a thread for this very topic. 157 postings, a large number were a debate over aircraft type A300 v. A310…bottom line is in this thread with less then 13 postings the aircraft type, tail info, crash info was all established. Impressive as I said!! :smiley:

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