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"sub" account?

I am running an ADS-B receiver as a project with my daughter. We have been approved for the Flightaware receiver (which we will install at F82 when received). The airport owner was curious if we were able to get a sub account or link their airport account since you are able to have up to 6 concurrent logins, if I remember correctly. I am looking at other airports for us to setup receivers at and we’re just trying to get an idea if this is possible so we don’t have to login to our account for each location. We do know we can see the local pages from the device itself Thanks!

Not exactly sure what you want to do here. You can have one account, or login if you like, and add several feeders to it. The stats will be added up, there is a user ranking and a feeder ranking on the stats pages.
If you want to see several feeders on one local page, it gets a bit more complicated, you will have to fiddle around a bit.

Looking to do like a child account. One where we can have the airport operators at F82 login and benefit from the feeder installed in sure but not have administrative access on their account.

Well, for me the benefit of the feeder is to see local traffic, but I guess you are talking about the benefits of a Enterprise account. I would think for that the airport would need a feeder of its own.

Which is really easy :slight_smile:

Our feeder is located on their field. I would hate to lose the use of the location itself. This is an important project for my daughter and I.

Can you explain what the airport owner wants to see that requires a FA login?

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