Strange Signal From Mountain

Hi People!

Okay, so I got my FlightFeeder and my cool T-Shirt this week and have started to track planes.
Currently I am in Armenia and have picked up a strange signal from one of the mountains 32KM’s away from me.

The signal has been pumping out ever since I started feeding. The signal has not moved and FlightFeeder says that it is on the ground.
I put the co-ordinates into google maps/google earth and started looking around for maybe some sort of secret military hideout.’04.8%22N+44%C2%B031’22.8%22E/@40.5182974,44.5132075,3804m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.518!4d44.523

image link

Would anyone know what this could be?

That’s an unusual one. It’s a DF18 (non-transponder) source so it may be a test signal or possibly marking a navigational hazard.
(The transmitter may not be physically located at the location it’s marking)

IIRC there are some similar things in the UK marking hazards like tall radio masts.

Thats very interesting, you could be right because its at the top of a mountain however this country is mountainous around the borders and the flights leaving the airport would clear that easily as they are not near it as well as you can find larger mountains.

No light planes in this country either but maybe its where a flight path might be so if a flight is going to Russia for example it might go near that area. Would the pilots see this signal? I think its cool that a transmitter doesn’t actually have to be at that location.

Who’s up for some hiking? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could also be a beacon for radar calibration. I have several in my neighborhood here in the US.
Years ago I ran across a transponder at a radio site that had been modified, and had been installed by the FAA.

Since it’s at a fixed point they can see if things start to get ‘off’ if it moves.


Yes I see similar beacons in the USA. They are usually at airports and broadcast the Ident of “TEST1234”. They use one of a set of ICAO24 codes that seem to be reused between airports.