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Any idea what that is?

noticed on ADSBx this morning that object. Any idea what it could be?
Almost 20.000 meter altitude.

Or possible wrong signal?

I do not have it on my local view, even if it’s within range of my receiver

Online searches suggest that it may be a German Air Force Test Transponder which ties in nicely with the callsign.

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that could be the reason why i do not see it on my local device.

Test beacons like to send altitudes which are outside of the typically used airspace.

As it’s on the ground, it’s not actually in range of your receiver i’d assume.

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Thanks i think so, @wiedehopf

With over four million messages, that fits with a static ground location.
The violent position changes and MLAT reporting suggests the signals are reflected - possibly off passing aircraft.

Not long before the 32 bit unsigned variable (4 billion) overflows or rather resets to a low number.

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