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Strange map's behaviour (noob)


Since few days I’m an “Enterprise User” because I send data to FlightAware.

If I login to my page, then “My FlightAware” > “See” I get the real-time map, but all aircrafts are gray colored and not easy to see on every map.
Instead, if I go directly to “https://flightaware.com/live/map” the planes are yellow and much easy to see.

  • Why this ? Do I miss some setup ?
  • No IFR maps availabe on Europe ? Only appear over USA
  • What are commands (like play - pause) on top of the map ?
  • How to check if my system actually send data to FA ?
  • On the receiver side (Piaware on Ubuntu 18.04) how to check if all is OK between Piaware and FA site ?

Thank you !!

8 elements collinear > SDRPLAY RSP2 > Dump1090-sdrplay > PIAWARE > FA

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