Strange Diversion or Left something on the Tarmac

Just cruising thru flights to my home airport (MHT) and noticed a strange diversion from PHL. What do you think it was for?

Here’s a URL that works. Would be interesting to find out what happened, they made it all the way to Manchester and then returned.

without looking at the weather for the entire area, I might guess it was a WX diversion. I know there’s a million airports in the area, but could’ve gotten to mins at MHT and diverted back to PHL as it was the alternate?

I saw a Citation return for their chalks once.

You can’t be serious, how much is a new set of chocks? Nimrods :unamused:

I diverted back to pick up the baggage we left on the baggage cart once. :blush:

There has been some seriously crappy convective activity in the NorthEast this past week. Not Kansas or anything, but definitely thunderstorm season again

It has been strangely calm here…

I’d be happy to send some of this crap your way… :smiley:

Actually weather was not that bad that day

Flight’s awfully late, does MHT have a curfew?

To protect these nimrods identity I won’t name names, but I knew a crew that the FO hung the chalks on the pitot tube on a light-jet and after rotating the chalks flew back and hit the engine inlet lip, denting it. No one caught the bright yellow things hanging from the nose. Close call for all aboard and the best part is they didn’t get fired!

It is not uncommon, especially during bad weather for flights to arrive as late as 2:00 AM (I have been on one or two). There is also a UPS Flight that lands between 3 and 4 in the morning. So curfew could not have been it.

That’s almost as bad as taking off with the pitot covers in place.

You guys are killen’ me… two aviators that don’t know the difference between chalk and a chock.

It’s like hanger and hangar…

Oh Mark thank you, you’ll never know the personal hell I was living having to sit on my hands and tell myself “It’s OK, somebody else will point it out to them, you don’t always have to be the teacher. Let it go! Think of your happy place”. :wink:


I wasn’t going to say anything because maybe there was a secret organization of pilots that called it “chalk” instead of “chock” and I didn’t want to be yelled at for not knowing what I was talking about.

The two aren’t even pronounced the same. :slight_smile:

Or the gust lock!

Oh Man… that video has one of the best comments ever- “Don’t buy a Ford product”! :laughing:


I pointed it out in the fifth post of this thread, but didn’t make a big deal over it. As for pronouncing those words, they sound identical round these parts.