Strange bumps

I flew from LA to Philly and during that flight we heard bumps the whole flight.
It was heavy bumps like someone was on top of the aircaft with a large sledge hammer.You could feel the vibrations each time.
What was it? Anyone?

Stewen 8)

I was thinking more of the creature from Jeepers Creepers but that works too.

Nope,it wasn’t him.
I looked. :wink:

Stewen 8)

Sticking with the theme, I feel it more likely it was this creature, though you didn’t mention anything about engine damage.??? :wink:

Does he have a sledge hammer? Duuuh.
Wrong again!!! :laughing:

Stewen 8)

Along the lines of this… I was on an AA MD-80 from KSFO-KDFW. During takeoff there was a very loud humming noise. It happened again during the decent and approach. It was quiet at the cruising altitude though. Any ideas what It could be.

Also the brakes were they worst that you could find. It was like an earth quake when he applied them.

Drag from the landing gear, maybe? If not, then it probably had something to do with the flaps being extended during takeoff and approach, no?

I’m guessing flaps/slats because it continued after the gear was up.

Could it have been snakes on a plane? Hmmmmm? :laughing:


Maybe pressurization bumps. If the outflow valves were sticking a little you could get thump.

Not sure what you were flying in or where the out flow valves would be.

Did you notice if your ears were popping?

It was an Airbus 320.
My ears didn’t pop.But you could feel the vibration in your seat.
Many passengers were very worried during the flight.
One guy said he’s been flying a lot and he had never heard anything like it.

From another string, maybe gremlins and snakes not the problem at all.

Could it have been ice chunks that hit the tail?Ice coming loose from the body.

Coming from LA?

I think it’s colder 35000 feet above LA :wink:
Coming from 95F on the ground up to way below zero, condenced water freezes.Well,you know what I mean.

Yeah, I know. :confused:

But think about it, how humid is the sub-freezing cruising altitude? Do you really think the flight would have continued if chunks of ice were hitting parts of the plane?

Now that explains it. Those “bumps” were the plane hitting all the wadded-up EADS (Airbus) stock cerificates being dumped out the cockpit windows by the flight crew. :smiling_imp:


Y’know how something makes you laugh, and then all through the day you think about it and just start crackin’ up - to everyone else, seemingly for no reason…?

I’ve been bustin’ out laughing over this one all day, and probably will tomorrow too!

The perfect picture too…