Storm Air's third search for Steve Fosset planned soon.


Storm Air the first Team in 2008 is expected to make a third ground search visit to the area where aviator Steve Fossett is believed to have crashed to evaluate areas marked earlier for further investigation.

Upon evaluating the results from the Canadian Team who are currently searching the area by ground, plans are in place to continue the search if nothing is found by the Canadian team.

Storm Air was the first team to search in the area this year. The past two searches conducted by by Storm Air over the last two months has revealed several locations that require further investigation as well as several new areas based upon calculations that may bring this mystery to an end.

The Storm Air search is completely privately funded and personnel involved include specialist in aviation and medical fields.

Storm Air’s goal is to close the chapter on this mysterious incident and hopefully to learn what transpired on his ill fated flight.


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They have found a door to an airplane, but it isn’t of the same material Fossett’s door was made of.


There is all kinds of stuff out there and one wonders how it got there. It would be interesting to see if the door is from one of the many undiscovered missing aircraft.

Our first two searches discovered everything from old cans to car oil filters.

I am confident they have the same information about the aircraft as we have and once a piece of debris is found, it should be faily easy to determine if it is from the aircraft he was flying.

I guess our gues is as good as anyone else’s so far.

Backpacking through some areas there can be quite hazardous in itself and I hope they are being as safe as they can.