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Store signal / report data in PiAware - then dump to VRS?

Morning gents,

Have PiAware running successfully on an RPi2.

I also have VRS running on a PC on the same network, though this machine isnt on 24/7 like the RPi.
VRS sees and uses the RPi as a receiver successfully.

I like the extra level of detail in VRS (especially the distance heat map), but that box isnt on to collect data all the time.

I have a 64Gb card in the RPi (fully expanded).

Is it possible to get PiAware to save a copy of the log / full details locally to the SD card, so the PC running VRS can just pull that data out for all the extra processing?

NB - I appreciate that historic vs live data may not be the general goal of PiAware / VRS - but for the moment I’m very interested in documenting, testing and comparing range with tweaks to my set up.