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Stats not up to date

I notice that there appears to be a shortfall in the reports from my faup1090 installation (site 2827) this morning. It is uploading ok according to the log.

Looks like all the piaware’s are behind. I just moved my coco 1m up last night and this doesn’t help comparing…


Cool. Now stats have been reset to 0 but still no joy…

Same here. Looks like the stats stopped at about 08:00 BST this morning. Log says I’m still feeding.

The stats system for PiAware is currently having trouble keeping up with the growth of PiAware. We’re working on some improvements. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for that insight. It’s understandable that such a popular technology would experience growing pains. Also noticed that the “Last Seen” column had everyone as “Today” vice “Live” as normal. We will patiently await the improvements.

Thanks for all the team does…

Dave K4DPF

Another ‘cursed by success’ story :smiley:
Keep up the good work :exclamation:

It looks as though it is now running normally