Stats Coverage graph


Hi all, on the Stats page is there any way to amend or change the vibrancy of the color as i find that most of my plot is quite faint.


@coxyb76 agree with you the color should be by position


Dear @david.baker @ericcarlson

Can flightaware up the above topic or are we missing instruction on how to do it.



The color scheme is not editable.

The color of a section is based on the total messages seen. Faint blue means that the relative number of messages in this section of the sky is much lower than the average.

You have 200,000 messages in the close by sections and 10s of messages in the far away sections.


Understandable but as you can see in my plot the light blue is too faint to see easily. Maybe even just two shades higher would assist with readability.


agree at least a black outline