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Polar chart question

Greets all,

Happy to be a new provider (via PP) to FA, but had a question about the Coverage Distribution polar chart (here: flightaware.com/user/jazzbassNick/adsb)

The data in my ENE of my FA chart seems like it should be WNW. The SW-SSW-S data seem accurate in regards to concentration, so it doesn’t seem a matter of rotation.

Anything to be concerned with or should I pay it no mind?

Thanks a bunch. Attached is a pic of my receiver range in VRS (range rings are at 20 nm) and my FA chart.

The data builds up over the course of the day so if you check at midnight UTC you will see the data for that day’s flights. The polar diagram depends more on how flights are routed rather than your actual coverage.

Ahh - thanks.

That’s actually a couple of days worth in VR.