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Insufficient data for a meaningful graph.

After some tweaking and forum coaching I have piaware logging flights.

How long (or how many plane finds) do I need before I get a cool graph. I am really interested in the ‘spider graph’ as it could help me adjust my antenna.


It depends on the volume of data you’re receiving, but a couple solid days is usually all.

Woo Hoooo!

I have a graph. A boring two point graph, but it’s a start. :mrgreen:


Next graph question… :question:
I have the line graph showing positions and planes reported.

How do I turn on the polar/spider chart?

It should show up in the next day or so when there’s enough coverage data.

Note that the coverage distribution chart starts afresh each day at 00:00 UTC so the best time to view it is before 7pm CDT at your location. What sort of aerial do you have? The higher the better - outside preferably

Currently the small whip that ships with a $10 USB SDR and place in a poor location. Right now I’m just trying to get the rig solid.
I am experiencing a range of about 60 miles (which seems pretty darn good considering the setup).

The most data I see the more questions I have. It’s a gift and curse…

On my daily graphs I have two lines:

Aircraft Seen =
ADS-B Aircraft Seen =

Can someone link slap me with an explanation or tell me the difference? I thought my piaware setup could ONLY detect ADS-B.

“Aircraft Seen” is a count of all Mode S aircraft. “ADS-B Aircraft Seen” is only aircraft with ADS-B too.