ADS-B Coverage Charts

On your ADS-B user stats page (located at, each receiver (contingent on sufficient data) now shows a radial chart depicting that receiver’s coverage distribution.

This chart breaks your coverage into sixteen cardinal directions, and for each direction it shows five distance ranges (0-50 nm, 50-100 nm, 100-150 nm, 150-200 nm, 200+ nm). Each distance range is represented by a colored block. If you hover over a block, a tooltip will show you exactly how many positions we’ve received in that region of coverage.

A darker block means we’ve received more positions in that region, and a lighter block means we’ve received fewer. The colors also indicate this: a light blue block means we’ve received comparatively few positions in that region, whereas a dark red block means we’ve received comparatively many positions in that region. Green blocks fall somewhere in the middle.

Please post any feedback you have on our current offering of user-specific statistics and point out any inaccuracies you might suspect or suggest entirely new features you’d like to see!


The coverage chart is a useful guide. I like it.
Might I suggest that it is amended to cover a rolling week’s data? The reason I ask is that as I am on the edge of a military training area aircraft are normally routed round it except at weekends so the daily chart gives a slightly different coverage than a weekly one would.
Regards Richard.

Impressively neat.

Any possibly to include/combine a single member’s two or more sites or say two planeplotter’s sharecodes onto one graph?

Thank you.


I Like it except I think it would be much better if the hover popup would actually disappear after moving off a sector area. Even better would be if a mouse click was the trigger for the little popup. With the popups not disappearing, the chart is useless, all I see is popups and a F5 refresh is needed to reset the chart.

One more addition that would clarify things a lot, a color gradient table to show the value for the colors.


What browser are you using? IE maybe? The hover popups function properly on Chrome and Firefox for me, but I do notice that IE11 seems to mishandle it.

Nice feature, nice chat, working perfectly under FF. :smiley:


IE 10 is what I’m using…[/quote]

Nice Feature.

It works well for me on FF 25.0.1

Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. I’m happy to say we’ve resolved the issue for IE and the fix should be visible on the production site soon.

Definitely a cool feature!

Working as I thought it should in Windows 8.1, IE 11 now, the popups clear as I move the mouse off a segment.


Very Cool!!! Works great using Chrome.

I love this chart and would like to use it for some other data representations I have to do.
Does anybody know what this chart type is called or what software can be used to generate it.
Somewhere I found the term ‘Circumflex chart’ but am not sure if it is correct.

My suggestion would be to add a second chart showing the number of planes at a lower altitude e.g. 10-15.000 ft.
In this way one could compare a sites max. range to its local traffic.

This is called a polar chart. More specifically, this is a stacked polar area chart, which is also sometimes called a Coxcomb chart or a Nightingale chart. Wikipedia has some information on its origin: … ea_diagram

In Stats - sites: Aircraft Seen popup chart, would it be possible to move the legend to the top left where it doesn’t obscure the latest plot?

I agree with my colleague :slight_smile: