New chart on status page

Nice “Hourly Received Reports” chart added to site status page. Good Job FlightAware!


Yes !!! Nice job.

Just wish they would add back the Positions/adsb ratio they dropped in the earlier update.

I think the scale on the coverage distribution map has changed too.
I am sure mine when out to 300+ miles. lowest was 60 miles.
It is now in 50SM or 40NM increment. (I believe it was 60SM in the past).

The new chart is somewhat interesting, not the color scheme I’d of chosen but then no one asked! I would like to see an eighth day added so one could compare this week to last, an apples to pears comparison (which is not as good as apples to apples but better than apples to oranges.)

Yes, the old scale was wrong and overstated the range due to a mixup of statute miles and nautical miles. Details see here:

Good idea…

Hourly Received Reports (positions | distinct flights)

Would that be distinct flights or distinct aircraft?


Does “Good idea” mean it’s coming to a web browser near us soon?



The 8th day should be there by Tuesday.

Ta-da … stats-2666

I see it too. Thanks.

Thanks, FA team!

Next request, a button that when pushed would put money in my bank account.

What? Too much to ask?

:smiley: :wink:

If only there were telework positions… :wink: