Colors on large map.


Is there any way to change the colors on the large route map? The Nexrad radar scans seem to blend with the background map colors. It would be great to have high contrast maps.



You can’t change the colors.
What screen resolution are you at? I have no problems discerning the Nexrad colors from the background on any of the maps.


I’m set up at 1024x768 with 32 bit color. My only point is the map background is blue and level one percip is also blue. Granted its lighter, but if the background map was perhaps white with black outlines the weather information would really pop. Its really no big deal and I love the service, but that might improve the readability


I’ll make a note to consider offering a black/white map with the colored NEXRAD on top. We made substantial effort to have a color scheme that was compatible with NEXRAD; the lightest colors are the only conflicting ones and it’s certainly minimal.


Great site, I live by MCI and they fly over my house and it’s fun to watch. I read the FAQ and don’t see anywhere that it’s mentioned why the flight lines are different colors. Some are blue and some are green, I know it’s something obvious and don’t know what it is. Can you let me know?


At the bottom of every map pop-up window: Flights in blue are to/from KMCI; flights in green are in the vicinity.


OK, I see the legend now, there was just bout .25 " of scroll bar that I hadn’t noticed and didn’t see that line. I knew it had to be something obvious that I had just missed. Thanks!