Statistics Page Enhancements

On the “Statistics” page which shows the rankings:

Can you add up/down toggle sort functionality by Header column?

Can rankings be an option of either Flights or Positions count?

Can you break City/State from Country as their own columns?

Can you add “Jump to” logic to advance to a page in addition to the Next button (so we don’t have to go a page at a time, for example, jump to page 36 of 50 rather than hit 6, then 7, then 8 etc.)

Why are rankings limited to top 1800 as there are over 2900 sites? Is it a performance concern or just a hardcode limit?

Is there a way to Search for a username? Often people comment in the Forum and would like to view their stat info. Only way I have found to do this is to look through the stat rankings and hope I find them (unless there is another way I do not know about).

Sorry if these were mentioned before in the 6400 Forum posts (I did try to search)!

Thx, Brian