30 day ranking user not appearing (BUG)

On my statistics page my username does not appear on the 30 day ranking chart. I have noted that on other peoples statistics page their name is highlighted in yellow. This is not the case with mine and my name is not on the leader board.

Anybody know any solutions?
Thanks in advance

Looking as if I was your account, I am able to see you highlighted.

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Ahh yes. As soon as I ask the question it starts working! Thanks very much for checking and your quick response!

Hi. The problem seems to have recurred. I have attached a screenshot of what I see. My name was highlighted and visible yesterday as can be seen by your screenshots.

I think I had the same problem in the past, because my ranking was either below or above the values shown in the table, like 11645 to 11654 was shown, but I had dropped to 11660 already. Maybe it happens at certain times where the changes in ranking a very big?

That might explain it. That could be why yesterday evening my user was appearing due to the reduction of planes in the air so the rate that my user is changing on the leaderboard has decreased.

I’ll check this evening to see if this has solved the problem.

Thanks for mentioning this!

This is a known issue when your rank is changing. You may be viewing the page while statistics are being updated behind the scenes. Check back later in this case.

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Just an update. I checked on several evenings once the air traffic had calmed down a bit and it does seem that my username reappears.