30 Day Ranking

I don’t appear in the 30 Day Ranking most of the time. I did a search and see posts from two years ago describing the exact same problem. Will this ever be fixed?


Please see my response in this post: 30 day ranking user not appearing (BUG) - #7 by ericcarlson

I had already read that. I usually try to check it around 9:00pm CDT (02:00 UTC). Usually when I try during the day it doesn’t work. I would call it a bug since I doubt it was intended to work that way. I’ve had Dump1090 running for years but only recently started sending data to Flightaware and I’ve been trying to figure out how my station compares to others. It will be a couple more weeks before I have 30 days worth of data to rank, but I’m up to “Highest Ranking Achieved in Last 30 Days: 5,710”, but I still don’t know really how well I’m doing. With any form of radio you never know what you might be missing. Since I’ve a ham radio operator I need a speaker and some knobs to turn. :smile:

Thanks, Max

Thanks, Max