Is there a better way to navigate the Standings pages?

Is there a better way to navigate the Standings pages…and I am just too dumb to figure it out???

I don’t generally pay much attention to the Standings, but today I got curious to know where I rank within my country (I know where I am worldwide, that is fairly simple).

So I went to the Global Standings page and find no discernible search function. I changed the drop-down at the right side of the chart to United States, and waited for the list to reload. I scrolled down to the bottom and set it to display 200 entries at a time, and waited for the list to reload again.

Since I figure that I am probably somewhere near the middle, I looked for controls to jump through the results. I see buttons for First Page, Last Page, Next, Previous, Pages 1-2-3-4-5, and page 69. I select page 5, thinking that it will reload and give me the option of 6-7-8-9-10 and I will be able to advance through 5 pages at a time.

But after that first 5 page jump, I can only go to the next page, the previous page, or the first or last.

Normally, this would be mildly annoying. What makes it super annoying is that each time I advance by one page, list is taking anywhere from 25-35 seconds to refresh with the new data.

Eventually, it turns out that I am #8208 out of 13,789 feeders in the US. That put me on page 41 out of 69, when set to 200 per page. Not as high as I had guessed, but that’s fine. The problem is that it took me nearly 20 minutes to figure that out. I had hoped that the page url would have a query string that would let me advance to a specific page, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So 30 second wait to load page 1 with the first 200 feeders, another 30 seconds to load page 5, and then 30 seconds each for pages 6-42.

What am I missing here??? If I wanted to see the page that included me in the overall standings, at # 12506, I would have to navigate to page 63 - waiting 30 seconds for the page to load…60 times. It seems to me that if you aren’t in the first 1000 or on the last page of results, the page navigation is nearly unusable.

I appreciate any replies that show me that I am a complete dumba$$, and that it is super easy. Because it should be easy.


I just went through the same pain. Fortunately I only had to wade through 12 pages. To site admins, why can’t we just search the standings by our user name?


Not to mention that those outside the US always have to either scroll through the country drop-down list or type the name of their country each time they want to know their standings …

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I am in the US, and I had to do that as well. The page opened to global stats, and I had to go to the drop-down and scroll down to United States because the list was arranged alphabetically.

(but I am glad it’s not just me)

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Being able to do this would be great, it’d really help. /adsb/stats/?country=united%20kingdom

/edited because it tried to change it to a hyperlink.

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thanks for the awesome information.

This is one for @obj really.

That’s fine. I was really just hoping that I was missing some fundamental, obvious functionality & was overcomplicating things.

It sounds like that’s not the case.


While we’re making requests, how about making the Nearest Location column sortable so we can easily see where we rank in comparison to other feeders in our country who are nearest to our location (closest airport?)

I’m in Cebu, Philippines and I could never hope so surpass in rank those who are near Ninoy Aquino International near Meto Manila simply because that’s the busiest airport in the country, but I’d like to see how my feeder compares to others near Mactan-Cebu International as that would give me the clearest idea on how my feeder, antenna, height etc. compare to theirs as there are the same number of planes down here vs. Manila and other parts of the country.

The Top 25 sites nearby are already listed at the bottom of your profile.
The values there are the median of the last seven days.

I am using this pretty often to see a comparison

I don’t see that, I see 30-day site ranking, flights with positions from this feeder within the last hour and nearby sites.

Yes, these are the nearby sites.

If you simply select a feeder of your choice, you can see it’s neighbors there as well. It’s not limited to your own feeder

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In the Nearby Sites section the first column is “Distance” (from your receiver). It is already sorted by that column, with your receiver shown first because it is 0 miles/km from itself.

Mine looks like this:


Nearby Sites doesn’t show rank standings nor does it break down flights and positions by type: ADS-B, UAT, MLAT and Other.

Click on any of the sites and it brings you to their page. On it, you have the standings for this site as well.

It’s just one click more

That doesn’t work for all of my nearby feeders.

show no information such as number of positions received and aircraft tracked, separated by type (ADS-B, MLAT, Other.)

The first one says that the feeder hasn’t checked in since 3 years ago:

Second one is the same:

For comparison, mine shows as checked in 3 minutes ago:

Based on that, my guess would be that the reason they don’t show any stats or rankings would be because they haven’t reported any data for 30 days plus.

Just my guess though

Ah, I didn’t notice that. :blush: That’s odd too, because on my page under Nearby Sites it says last seen 9 and 16 minutes ago for them. They’re both using FlightFeeders, version 7.9.1~bpo8+1: maybe something’s messed up on both of them? They probably set them up then forgot about them so haven’t reported the issue or anything. Maybe they missed getting an update or are obsolete now?

I looked at a couple of other users who also have FlightFeeders and theirs are FlightFeeder 10.0~bpo9+1 so that’s probably what’s going on: the old ones are still trying to send data to FA so they’re still recently seen, but the data uploads are failing because the software’s too old. Maybe based on Debian Jessie?

It’s odd that sir Jose is still higher in rank than me even though his feed’s been down for years, too.

This might be caussed by the second site he is operating, that one is still online and transmitting data. both your examples have multiple (2) sites.
The user ranking is based on the data delivered by the user in total over all the connected sites.