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New format can’t search on username anymore. I previously grouped my feeders together by searching on rustytwig so I could see 30 day totals and compare averages.
Also the sort by username doesn’t work either.

When the page reloads, it jumps back to the 1st page regardless of which page you were at (probably a side effect of presenting a paged layout while all is still loaded).

Logged Name highlight is gone, but it was a great way to find yourself back in the list without having to do a search on the page.

My 2 cts :

  • Does this page really need to self reload? Since stats and rankings do not update themselves at the second.
  • Does this page need to load the whole dataset when it only displays a subset? It’s pretty heavy on the browser (and it must be a big BW waste on the server side)
  • How do users after spot 1000 get ranked? I would think it’s good for anyone to be able to get its own spot in the list even when you start at the 42000th place

Have a great day, and keep on the good job :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback – we are still iterating on these changes to make the experience as good as possible.

Constantly having the position of where to find the number/Next buttons are also a Pain in you know where

I got to page 78 without seeing my numbers before I gave up; I might have missed it while looking for the buttons…


I used to click on ‘all users’ and then search (cntrl F) the browser page for my user name. This worked fine for me, but I just looked and the ‘all users’ button is gone. :frowning:

I haven’t checked stats for a while. There had been a ‘more’ button which loaded the entire set from which you could do a find. Loading page by page reduces the server load for each query. If not too much trouble, could an ‘all’ selection be implemented? It would avoid the overhead of returning the entire list by default but retain the functionality for which I, at least, used the stats list.