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SSH questions

Can anyone recommend a SSH client to use with a phone? I am using PUTTY with the computers.

I have not used PUTTY when outside of my home network environment as of yet. How do I log into the Pi from outside of my home network? Are there any things to be aware of when attempting to access the Pi remotely?

Lastly… how do I command a reset/restart of the Pi remotely?


On my ANDROUD Phone, for many years I am using

  • JuiceSSH for SSH
  • Termux as Terminal

I am very satisfied with both.


JuiceSSH for SSH


Termux terminal


Termux Terminal used for SSH

I use Termius:

I use Zerotier:

sudo reboot from the command line.

@hdtvspace thank you for that info !

And now for the next question… How do I access the pi when not on the same network?

No thanks. But I think I got hit when I was first installing and setting the system up. Two of my computers that I had on at the time will no longer boot. Can’t even enter BIOS.

I use an app on my Galaxy S 9 called ConnectBot to SSH into my home network (including RPi’s). On my router I forward an external port to an internal port for each host. For example my connection looks like :9001. My router forwards traffic on port 9001 to :80. Thus I connect to 35.137.219.xxx:9001 which is then forwarded to 192.168.1.xxx:80 on the RPi. I have about 50 devices (tv’s, door locks, pc’s, HVAC, RPi’s, IoT) on my home network that I can connect to remotely. Once defined into your router the connections can be named to make connecting easy. This same setup can be used with a browser on any device.

Thank you. I appreciate the input. I will look at this…

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