Suggestion: SSH Access via FlightAware myadsb

Too many times have I lost contact with a remote piaware or have one installed at a friend/family member’s house that I don’t have access to… when I want/need to get into the pi’s CLI. I would love to see a feature in FlightAware’s MyADSB section where we could not only update our piaware software, but have access to the command line of our pi’s through that interface.

I know there are ways to get it done without this, but the convenience would be SO helpful!

Just an ‘Idea’…

What prevents you from opening the SSH port to the public with appropriate security mechanisms?

There are also third party tools available which would make it easier, like Dataplicity:
Dataplicity: Remotely control your Raspberry Pi

At the end it’s all about data security and access control.
Flightaware is not responsible if someone gets unauthorized access to your device and the network behind.

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There is a tension here between doing something like this for convenience, and not wanting to have FlightAware have remote access to every piaware install. Currently the remote command channel is (a) essentially one-way and (b) limited to a very specific set of commands on the client (piaware) side. Providing remote command-line access would be much more intrusive and I don’t think we want to go there.

You might want to look at something like Zerotier to solve the remote access problem.


Can definitely recommend Zerotier as a solution to this, very easy to set up only a few commands to install and set up on a raspberry pi, then just a matter of installing the desktop app on your computer/laptop join the same zerotier network and you’re done.

Zerotier is very good, but you have to install something on all devices. This is not always possible. On my company laptop the installation of unknown software is denied.

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