spraying or fumigating air pacific aircraft

I flew recently on a 738 YBBN/NFFN/YBBN both ways on these 738 aircraft. I noticed the cabin crews still spray the aircraft before landing here in Australia. This is not allowed on other forgiven carriers and has being band. Why is there no action taken to cease this with this little Fijian airline

spraying is still required in a few countries in Africa too, expecially the islands where they don’t want new bugs introduced.

dot.gov/office-policy/aviati … quirements

Translation by un-sprayed passenger: “This is not allowed on other foreign carriers and has been banned.”

I think we can all see how serious this issue is. :mrgreen:

Don’t know if it’s done today but when I lived in Hawaii in the 70’s and 80’s. When flying from the mainland to the Islands the aircraft were “fumigated” prior to arrival. It looked like they took a can of air freshener and sprayed the cabin. We also had to fill out a form indicating that we were not carrying banned items such as certain fruits and vegetables.

I can remember Aeromexico spraying there flights alot within flights to and from America and the Caribbean and some to LHR. This practise has ceased now and it is illegal to carry out spraying in the cabins of aircraft. :wink:

Qantas many years ago ceased this procedure on all flights around the globe. It’s harmful to the envoiroment and can cause health problems for people with allegies

20 years ago, I flew on UAL841, which was the final leg of my route from KOMA-KDEN-KLAX-NZAA-YMML. When we landed in Auckland, they defumigated/sprayed down the aircraft during our layover. This required everyone to deplane for a good 80 - 90 minutes. While I can’t verify that all foreign carriers are no longer doing this, I know for sure this was still being done on this US-based airline.


Qantas doesn’t have any say so in fumigating. If a country says you will fumigate your airplane before landing here you will do so.

As far as i know many airlines have band spraying aircraft on arrival into Australia with the acception of Air Pacific or now known as Fiji Airways. How do they get away with this. They do this on decent not on the soil or ground in Australia in international air space. Yet when on decent into HGK they don’t sray with strict Government regulations there. Amazing :laughing: :laughing: