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Unloading a B738 jet

A few days ago while in transit on a connecting flight at AKL/NZAA airport awaiting for NZ136 to depart. I noticed this Air Pacific B738 from NFFN/FIJI which arrived earlier at the gate. I was amazed how the unloading of this aircraft was preformed by ANZ ground crew and it concerned me how the procedure for unloading and reloading any aircraft should be done. There were only 20 pax and six crew aboard this B738. I noticed they unloaded this aircraft from the front AFT cargo hold with one Bin and then the unloaded the rear AFT cargo hold with Two pallets and baggage in the same hold as well. Isn’t it the requirement by the airplane maker and the carrier or airline that aircraft were to be unloaded from rear first then the front to balance the weight. Wouldn’t this cause the aircraft to tip up from the rear and fish tail if this happened? Can anyone tell me is this a usual way to unload a aircraft of this size. I would like to here from you and your views. Yet when they loaded our B773 they did this from the front AFT cargo hold then the rear was loaded up. :bulb: :unamused:

This can be do very carefully depending how heavy the cargo is at the rear or if there was more cargo in the front still sitting there to keep the aircraft balanced. I have seen this done many times at YSSY/SYD and KLAX with B737’s and the bigger heavy metal B777’S B767’S and MD11’S iF you might not have stayed around that long to see them empty out both cargo holds on this B738 I am very sure they would have taken out the complete cargo from both cargo bays leaving them empty for it next trip back to FIJI or NFFN when ever that was scheduled to leave. :unamused: :wink: